At Vitality we recognize that the health care spectrum is broad, and the uniqueness of each discipline plays an important role in helping you feel healthy and full of life. Our purpose at Vitality Clinic is to provide all of the services you need to attain better health and wellness in the convenience of one clinic.

We have an energetic and dedicated team of compassionate young professionals that strive to motivate patients to understand that greater health and improved wellness are realistic and achievable goals. We want to inspire and educate our patients and the community about the importance of prevention and empower you to take control of your own health.

Our mission is to provide quality integrated health care to help you achieve optimal wellness through the variety of services available at the clinic. Let us help you re-discover your Vitality.

We are happy to offer two chiropractors (Dr. Dee Anne Nadeau and Dr. Brodie Nadeau), one acupuncturist (Kristin), and two registered massage therapists (Amy and Melanie) to optimize your service and care options.

New Pricing

Please note, prices for some service fees have changed. Check with our friendly reception before your next appointment regarding any changes. We are now charging for Chiropractic Subsequent visits according to time requested. Please see Our Rates for a full description.

Best Chiropractor Award For West Kootenay!

Thanks to all of our wonderful patients!

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